Peter Goldring hosts celebration honouring recognition of Ukraine’s independence

December 05, 2006
OTTAWA—Peter Goldring, Member of Parliament for Edmonton East, Chair of the Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Friendship Group and Vice-Chair of the Canada-Poland Parliamentary Friendship Group, yesterday hosted a reception on Parliament Hill commemorating the 15th anniversary of the recognition by Canada and Poland of Ukraine`s referendum.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Goldring gave the following tribute in the House of Commons:
Mr. Speaker, fifteen years ago, Ukrainians overwhelmingly chose to return to the status of an independent nation. The day after its referendum, Canada and Poland became the first two countries to recognize the newly sovereign Ukraine.
Today the Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Friendship Group is hosting a reception celebrating this monumental achievement that brought with it the rebirth of democracy in Ukraine.
We will also celebrate the ties that bind Canada, Ukraine and Poland Two million Canadians owe their heritage to Ukraine and Poland.
Since laying the foundations of democracy in those early years, people of Ukraine have surely and steadily strengthened their institutions of democracy.
Canada will continue to be supportive all people who strive to achieve freedoms that are brought about by their desire for democracy.
I wish to congratulate the people of Ukraine for their great accomplishment 15 years ago and for their continued determination to embrace their future within the world of democratic nations.
Both Ambassador-Designate Ihor Ostash of the Embassy of Ukraine and Piotr Ogrodenski of the Embassy of Poland spoke at the event today. As well, members of the Canadian-Ukrainian and Canadian-Polish communities, Parliamentarians and members of the diplomatic corps attended.

After proclaiming its independence on August 24, 1991, the government of the Ukraine put the decision to its people in a referendum. On December 1st, 1991, almost ninety percent of Ukrainians who cast ballots voted to support the declaration of renewed independence. The next day, Poland and Canada became the first two countries to recognize Ukraine`s wish for independence.