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Members Statement
Preceding Question Period are Members Statements, a daily 15-minute period when Members who are not Cabinet Ministers may make statements on matters of national, regional or local importance. Statements are limited in length to one minute and opportunity to speak is given equally to all private Members.

The following are statements made by Member of Parliament Peter Goldring in the House of Commons:

SO145 - The Holocaust

SO144 - Democracy on Trial in Ukraine

SO143 - Ukraine Genocide - The Holodomor

SO142 - The Price of Peace

SO141 - Canada Ukraine Parliamentary Program

SO140 - Ukraine Immigrants 120 years ago

SO139 - Earl McRae Journalist

SO138 - NDP Kills Jobs

SO137 - William (Bill) Lesick - Former MP

SO136 - WWII Veteran William Teleske

SO135 - The War Still On Hold

SO134 - The Gift of Life Renewal - Organ Donation

SO133 - Ukraine Holodomor

SO132 - Support for South Korea

SO131 - Grey Cup 2010

SO130 - Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program

SO129 - Canada's Commitment to World Peace -UN Messaging

SO128 - Ukraine Independence 1991

SO127 - Ukraine Holdomor Genocide

SO126 - Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program

SO125 - Warren Goldring

SO124 - Shumka Dancers - 50th Year

SO123 - Separatists

SO122 - Ukraine Holodomor Genocide Torch

SO121 - Sendler

SO120 - Richard Pare

SO119 - Elder Abuse

SO118 - Ukraine Holodomor Genocide

SO117 - Canada-Ukraine Parliamentary Program
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