Just The Truth

July 31, 2013

Much has been written, wrongly exaggerating details and severity of possible outcome of my recent regrettable legal interaction. The circumstances of being the subject of robo-calling earlier in the day, to the very unusual discussions in the evening, to the targeted event were very suspicious.  I therefore was on high alert to stand up for my rights.

Our society grants police officers special powers, and with that comes the responsibility to ensure that the process is conducted properly. The court record is very clear. The trial was not about impairment. No witnesses claimed to observe symptoms of impairment. The truth is that I challenged the demand to test immediately because I had just consumed one drink, I was proven right.

There has been a cost to my standing on principle, both personal and political. The whole process, lasting over 18 months has been extremely unpleasant.

The easy way out would have been to allow the police to not follow proper procedure. But someone has to stand up for the rights of individual Canadians, not just for my rights but for your rights too - and if a Member of Parliament will not, then who will? I absolutely will not run from a fight when I have “just the truth” on my side.

Additionally, it is very disturbing how easily simple hand written recollections of police evidence regarding times and events can be manipulated. Most modern police forces are equipped with readily available audio-visual recording devices. Their evidential testimony quality benefits greatly at far less cost than the expensive fleet of Segways that the Edmonton police force chose to purchase instead. Perhaps it is time that the Edmonton Police Services upgrade their technology to better protect both police and individual rights, while saving vast amounts of court time.

What do you think?