May 01, 2013

News of over the top linguistic cleansing efforts at the hands of the separatist Quebec government made international headlines in February, involving a Quebec restaurateur, the word pasta, and Quebec’s overzealous Language Police.

Although it is shameful that there would be Language Police in any part of Canada, “Pastagate” has become a symbol under which Canadian Unity groups can focus, allowing them to raise awareness on the diminishing nature of Rights and Freedoms by separatists and other legislators.

I spoke in the House of Commons about an event that was very successful in raising awareness of the issue. This function was sponsored in part by the Special Committee for Canadian Unity, SCCU, of which I am a long-time supporter.

Below is the full text of my statement in the House:

On April Fool`s Day, pasta lovers will gather at Massimo Lecas’ restaurant ‘Buonanotte’ in Montreal, lampooning Quebec`s separatist government and their linguistic cleansing comedy of errors.

Sponsored by the Special Committee for Canadian Unity and, this evening of comedy will be held at the Italian Restaurant where Quebec’s Language Police ordered the removal of the word “PASTA from the menu.

Imagine – No Pasta – on an Italian Restaurant Menu!

Throughout the world from Australia to England to, of course, Italy, they regaled at this farce and at the silliness of the separatists.

Welcome to Pastagate!

Join us on the evening of April 1st in Montreal for even more comedic fun as we support the needy; support Canadian Unity; support the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms; support Linguistic Fairness; and indulge in our love of pasta!!”

I believe that it is important to support all Canadians constitutional right to use the language of their choice on business signs and restaurant menus in Montreal, Vancouver or here in Edmonton.

What do you think?