World Wide Oil Sands

December 01, 2011
For years Canadians have been witness to the NDP’s negative attitudes towards Alberta’s oil sands, from their leader flying over Fort McMurray and calling for a shutdown in Election 2008, to today’s many comments from the NDP caucus. Two NDP Members of Parliament even went to Washington to lobby against the Keystone XL pipeline that would bring oil sands oil to the US market. Now the project is on hold, at least until after the next American presidential election.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Canada is not the only source of oil sands. During a recent conference of Arctic countries that I attended in Russia, I saw geological deposit maps indicating vast reserves. Other countries around the world will be developing their oil sands regions, undoubtedly utilizing the advanced technology and methodology of Canadian producers who have set the highest environmental standards for extraction. Last year a devastating deep-sea drilling accident in the Gulf of Mexico saw vast spillage continuing for three months. A pipeline spill in Canada can be monitored and contained within hours. An oil sands bitumen spill at the wellhead can be shut off in seconds. It is processed under totally controlled pressure – it is not under pressure naturally. In short, oil sands oil is amongst the safest oil on the planet.

Yet the Official Opposition continues to work against Alberta and Canada, supporting international environmental extremists and by doing so in effect gives direct support to the brutal and regressive regimes that will supply the world with their oil if safe, clean, ethical oil from Canada is not available.

Why would anyone who cares about fairness, human rights and the Alberta economy agree with the NDP?

What do you think?