Goldring “pleased” by trial outcome and being invited to rejoin the conservative caucus on monday

June 07, 2013

Edmonton – Edmonton East Member of Parliament Peter Goldring says he was pleased with the outcome of yesterday’s verdict in Edmonton Provincial Court, where he was found not guilty of refusing to provide a breath sample following a December 2011 targeted police pullover.

“I took issue in this case of constitutionality, whether police had the right to stop me in the first place without a reason and whether they then followed correct procedures when they did so. I felt at the time that correct procedures were not being followed, and the court agreed.”

The court summation states: “This is not a trial about impaired driving.  Mr. Goldring was not charged with impaired driving.  No witness in this trial claimed to observe any symptoms of impairment.  This trial is about a failure to comply promptly with police directions.”

“There has been a cost to my standing on principle, both personal and political. The whole process, lasting over 18 months from arrest to final court date, has been extremely unpleasant. As a public figure I have been subjected to considerable abuse, as many have assumed guilt before the facts were heard”, stated Mr. Goldring.

“It is important for Canadians to be aware of their constitutional rights and to stand by them,” he notes. “I firmly believed from the beginning that this was not being done properly. As a Member of Parliament I have an additional responsibility to insist on all the rules being followed correctly - if I don’t, who will?”

On the afternoon of the 6th of June, Mr. Goldring received a congratulatory phone call from Prime Minister Stephen Harper inviting him back to caucus.  Mr. Goldring greatly appreciates this very personal gesture and will be with the Conservative Caucus on Monday to add his support to the intended votes.