Goldring expresses deep concern over divisive separatist bill

January 29, 2013

OTTAWA – Edmonton East Member of Parliament Peter Goldring expresses serious concern and condemnation over the separatist Bloc Quebecois’ Bill C-457 ”An Act to Repeal the Clarity Act”.

On Monday, January 28, during the first House of Commons debate on the Bill, Mr. Goldring rose and spoke to raise awareness on the truths behind Bill C-457.

“Mr. Speaker, I believe that it is important for all to understand exactly what this separatist legislation is intended to do.”

  • The separatist Bloc Quebecois and Parti Quebecois are attempting to nullify the Supreme Court of Canada and its rulings on this issue.
  • The separatists want to be allowed to prepare yet another ambiguous, misleading question.
  • The separatists mean to deny the people of Quebec of the right to clearly express their true will of the population of the province to determine their future. Not just by a simple 50% +1 of those that come out to vote.
  • The separatists’ Bill would risk a minority decision, being made by far less than 50% of the population of the province, that could tragically lead to the partitioning and breakup of Quebec itself.
  • The separatists ask for the Queen of Canada to support their position.
  • I call for all Canadians to stand against the separatists and for the House to vote this Bill down.
  • This Bill also highlighted the great hypocrisy within the NDP as Mr. Mulcair stood behind the asinine 50% + 1 vote level. This comes despite the NDP themselves requiring a full 66% majority to amend their own party constitution. The same 66% requirement is also true for the equally hypocritical separatist Parti Quebecois to amend their party constitution.

Bill C-457 will be debated again at the end of February and voted on in the House of Commons at the beginning of March.

“I am anticipating the moment when this dangerous legislation is definitively voted down,” Mr. Goldring says.