Goldring praises former auditor general

June 06, 2012

Peterborough, ON - Edmonton East Member of Parliament Peter Goldring today will be thanking former Auditor General of Canada Sheila Fraser for her decade of service in that post. Mr. Goldring was in Peterborough to attend the Convocation ceremonies at Trent University where his daughter was graduating and Ms Fraser was receiving an honourary doctorate.

“Sheila Fraser is a most worthy recipient of the Doctor of Laws degree,” Mr. Goldring says. “She was not afraid to speak the truth about the nation’s finances and to hold governments accountable, no matter which political party was in power. The role of the Auditor General is to ensure that taxpayers are receiving good value for their money and to speak against government waste. Ms Fraser did that effectively and became a hero to Canadians who knew they could depend on her to look after their interests.

On a personal note, Mr. Goldring noted that Ms Fraser had provided valuable advice to the Standing Joint Committee on the Library of Parliament when he was co-chair, explaining the difference in roles between the office of the Auditor General and the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO). “At that time the PBO seemed to be confused as to whether he was part of the Library of Parliament or an independent officer of Parliament like the Auditor General,” Mr. Goldring remembers. “Sheila Fraser, one of the nation’s most respected public servants, was quite definite that theirs were different roles, something that the PBO didn’t seem to understand.”