Peter Goldring pays tribute in parliament to former Edmonton East member of parliament

September 22, 2012

Ottawa - Peter Goldring, Member of Parliament for Edmonton East paid tribute in the House of Commons today to former Member of Parliament for Edmonton East Bill Lesick, who died recently. Mr. Lesick served in Parliament from 1984-1988.

“Bill led a life of service to his province and country,” Mr. Goldring says, “as a World War II veteran, as a Member of Parliament, as a Citizenship judge and in his career as a pharmacist.

“His story is remarkable as an example of the best of new citizenship born of immigrant parents from Ukraine. He had humble origins in the rural Smoky Lake area of Alberta and went on to a career of distinguished service.

“This year we celebrate the 120th anniversary of the first Ukrainian immigrants to Canada, and it is lives like Bill Lesick’s, families of the earliest immigrants to Canada, that show just how important that immigration has been for our country.”


The full text of Mr. Goldring’s tribute is as follows:

Mr. Speaker,

We pause today in tribute to a former member of this House of Commons who recently passed away.

Born in Alberta, of immigrant Ukrainian parents, this man contributed to his province and to his country with great distinction, in a way that can best be described as truly honourable.

He served Canada in World War II, in Europe, helping liberate Holland with the 4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards.

He owned and managed the Beverly Pharmacy.

He was elected and served as Member of Parliament for Edmonton East then served as Citizenship judge.

As a member of the Royal Canadian Legion Norwood Branch he chaired the Remembrance Day Parade at the Beverly Cenotaph for many years.

William George Lesick was War Veteran, Member of Parliament, Pharmacist, Judge, recipient of the Queen’s Jubilee Medal and Friend.

Bill Lesick, respected for his service to his country in war and peace, will be greatly missed by his family and his many friends.

We will not forget.